Redefining Delivery Management with Artificial Intelligence

CrabRoom's team of innovators studied various existing business solutions and came up with an innovative solution that makes your systems think and act human.
Our Delivery Management Solution - deliveryCrab - is the state of the art solution with AI embedded into it.

Your customer orders something on your website with an expectation that the order will be delivered as per agreed time during online purchase. How many times did your drivers deliver it on time? What challenges are your drivers facing to make the delivery happen on time and keep your customer happy? DeliveryCrab is a perfect solution that understands your business needs, driver needs and the most important - your customer needs. For the first time, we are introduction machine intelligence concepts into our delivery management system. As a dispatcher, you will have better insight in the delivery routes to make a better dispatching decision. As a driver, you know far you are and what delivery should be priositized first. As an dispatcher, you will have better insight into which driver is performing better and how soon the driver can be assigned next delivery. As a customer, you can track where your order is. As a business owner, you can have a complete insight into the data to make business friendly decisions...