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Innovation is in our DNA. Introducing Artificial Intelligence into Delivery Management.

Your customer orders something on your website expecting timely delivery. How many times did your drivers deliver it on time? What challenges are your drivers facing to make the delivery happen on time and keep your customer happy? DeliveryCrab is a perfect solution that understands your business needs, your drivers' needs, and the most important - your customers' needs. For the first time, we are introducing machine intelligence concepts into our delivery management system. As a dispatcher, you will have better insight into delivery routes to make better dispatching decisions. You will have the tools to compare driver performance and target drivers that are ready to be assigned another delivery. As a driver, you will know which deliveries should be prioritized and exactly how far you are from your next destination. As a customer, you can track exactly where your order is. As a business owner, you can have a complete insight into your delivery data to make business-friendly decisions...

Is this solution for you?

Does your business provide fast-paced delivery service targeting 30 min to 1-hour delivery? If so, this solution is for you! In the last couple of years, our team of crabs worked intensively with various food businesses to understand the problems faced by each of the stakeholders with regards to their delivery systems. Our resulting product is carefully designed to meet the needs of the stakeholders and address the gaps in their existing delivery systems.

DeliveryCrab is a unique solution, we call it first of its kind. Our developers made the system intelligent by embedding machine learning and business intelligence tools into the delivery management solution software. It makes your job easy by returning the required results with just voice commands.

Have a sneak peak of the product

We would be happy to show our product to you. Write us a few lines about your business and the solution that you are looking for. Our sales associates will get in touch with you to understand your needs and schedule a demo.

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Bringing artificial intelligence into your business. We study your business and suggest simple IT solutions that will help you succeed faster.

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Innovation is our DNA; we consistently work to innovate and focus on next-generation delivery management with AI and drones.

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