Crabroom PayInt LLC presents UG-2-US: Preparing Students for US Work Culture through Seminars, Training, and Counseling, with Opportunities for Internships and Jobs

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Welcome to our UG-2-US seminar! This 1-2 day event is designed to prepare students for an exciting career path that bridges the gap between undergraduate education and professional opportunities in the United States. Here's what you can expect from this seminar:

UG-2-US initiative stands for Under Grad to United States. As a part of this program, my Crabroom PayInt LLC will be offering a seminar, followed by training and one-one counseling to the students preparing them for the US work culture. The training might go on for a few weeks at no additional cost to the student followed by a digital certificate. The top performing student/s will be offered a paid internship / job offer, followed by a trip to the United States.

Details about the Program
Details about the ProgramGain a comprehensive understanding of the UG-2-US initiative and how it can benefit your career.
 Work Culture - US / India
Work Culture - US / India Learn about the differences and similarities between work cultures in the US and India, and how to adapt to both environments.
Company Experiences
Company ExperiencesHear from industry professionals about their experiences and insights into working in the US.
 Student Experiences
Student Experiences Listen to former participants share their journeys and successes through this program.
Q&A Session
Q&A Session Get your questions answered by experts and program alumni.
 How the Program Benefits Students
How the Program Benefits Students Understand the tailored skill enhancements, work experience opportunities, and the added value to your resume through our program.

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Interview Process at Crabroom: Unlocking Your Potential

Joining Crabroom's innovative team begins with a comprehensive interview process designed to identify exceptional talents and foster a strong fit with our organization's values. Let's explore the four rounds of our interview process:

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Round 1: Introduction Round - 30 minutes

One Hour Video Call, Get to Know Who We Are

In the first round, we aim to get to know you better and introduce you to the Crabroom culture. This video call, lasting for 30 minutes to one hour, allows us to understand your background, experiences, and aspirations. Additionally, we'll share insights into our company's mission, vision, and core values. It's a great opportunity for us to build a connection and ensure a shared sense of purpose.

After the seminar, selected students will participate in a group discussion. This helps us identify the best candidates for our specialized training program.