Crabroom PayInt LLC presents UG-2-US: Post Seminar - Custom OnJob Training: Few weeks or 3 month unpaid internship

UG-2-US initiative stands for Under Grad to United States. As a part of this program, my Crabroom PayInt LLC will be offering a seminar, followed by training and one-one counseling to the students preparing them for the US work culture. The training might go on for a few weeks at no additional cost to the student followed by a digital certificate. The top performing student/s will be offered a paid internship / job offer, followed by a trip to the United States.

Following the seminar, students will undergo custom training sessions tailored to their career aspirations and skill levels. One-on-one counseling sessions are provided to offer personalized guidance and support throughout the training period. This holistic approach ensures that each student is well-prepared to excel in a global work environment.


The duration of the unpaid internship training can vary, ranging from a few weeks to three months. This flexible timeframe allows students to engage with the program without disrupting their academic commitments or other responsibilities. The exact duration will depend on the individual needs and progress of each student, ensuring a tailored and effective learning experience.

This program is ideally suited for students pursuing degrees in BTech, BBA, MBA, and those who have a keen interest in Full Stack Development or Business Development. Whether you are just beginning your academic journey or nearing graduation, the UG-2-US initiative offers valuable insights and practical experience that can significantly enhance your career prospects.


Participants in the UG-2-US initiative will gain numerous benefits, including:

Real-Time Project Experience:Hands-on involvement in real-time projects that provide practical exposure and a deeper understanding of industry practices.

Resume Value Addition:The experience and skills acquired through this program will add significant value to your resume, making you a more competitive candidate in the job market.

Digital Certificate:Upon completion of the program, students will receive a digital certificate that recognizes their participation and achievements. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

The program is designed to be flexible and part-time, requiring only a few hours of commitment per week. This allows students to balance their academic responsibilities while gaining valuable work experience. Training sessions and counseling can be scheduled around your existing commitments, ensuring that you can participate fully without overburdening your schedule.

Key Components

Comprehensive Seminar:An initial seminar that covers the basics of US work culture, expectations, and professional etiquette. Custom Training Sessions: Tailored training that focuses on developing the specific skills needed for your desired career path.

One-on-One Counseling: Personalized guidance to help you navigate the training program and prepare for future opportunities. Real-Time Projects: Practical assignments that provide hands-on experience in a professional setting.

Flexible Schedule:Training and counseling sessions are scheduled to fit around your academic and personal commitments.

By participating in the UG-2-US initiative, students will not only gain valuable skills and experience but also position themselves as strong candidates for future internship and job opportunities, both in India and abroad. This program is an excellent stepping stone for those looking to make a significant impact in their careers and achieve professional success on a global scale.