Click on the link to navigate to Crabroom-Stripe-Merchant-Management-System demo.

Enter e-mail :

Enter account-id : acct_1H0i3RKoVU5TmgxJ

Enter password: crabroom@Admin1

Enter e-mail :

Enter account-id : acct_1H0i0sG7KmNXLez7

Enter password: crabroom@Demo1

step 4.1 : Admin can view their client by using CHANGE ACCOUNT text box by entering the client registerd email.

Client email :

step 4.2 : Admin can change the contents of login page or index page.

***Note : Only admin has this features ***

Client can view their customers and orders that are only related to them.

step 6.1 : By click on top-right icon display's a pop up navigating to setting page and logout page.

***Note: Admin popup contains an additional navigation name Homepage setting which allows them to change the index page contents.