Click on the link and enter merchant information.

Generate the onboarding link by clicking on the "Save Merchant Info" button. This link should be sent to the 3rd party merchant.

Click on the onboarding link generated and follow the Stripe onscreen instructions. You can use the below test data for signing up.

page 1 :
Type of entity: Individual.
Mobile number:0000000000
page 2 :
Test Code:0000000
page 3 :
Legal name of person:Test Test
Email address: demo@crabroom
Business website:
(or click on "add a product description instead" and enter test) page 4 :
Address: line 1 of the address field(street address) should be "address full match".
DOB : 01/01/1901
SSN : 0000
page 5 :
On payout details page, click on "use test account" button.
page 6 :
On the final summary page, click on "Done" button.

When you click on Done at the end, you will be redirected to the platform success/error page.

Up on successful registration, the merchant will receive an email with dashboard login url and unique key. For demo purposes, copy the unique key and click on the link to be redirected to the login page and then to the merchant Stripe account.