Onboard On Stripe

Click the 'Onboard' button to initiate the creation of a connected Express account and seamlessly navigate through the onboarding flow.

During the Onboarding Session, Use the Test Data below for Successful Onboarding:

Page 1:

Type of entity: Individual.

Mobile number: 0000000000


Page 2:

Test Code: 0000000

Page 3:

Legal name of person: Test Test

Email address: demo@crabroom

Business website:

(or click on add a product description instead and enter test)

Page 4:

Address: line 1 of the address field(street address) should be address_full_match.

DOB : 01/01/1901

SSN : 0000

Page 5:

On payout details page, click on use test account button.

Page 6:

On the final summary page, click on Done button.